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Daniel Field Clinic are specialists in often complex skin and scalp challenges. 

Daniel himself has had a life-long fascination with plants and herbs which developed into a study of the joint areas of biology and chemistry. With a bias towards the potential synergy between plant activity and our body's pathways, a lifetimes dedication has gone into developing skin and scalp products that are effective, natural and botanical in origin. His interest in more patient-facing clinical work grew from this knowledge and this in turn spread to the creation of the concept now known as Organic and Mineral Hairdressing.

We provide a wide range of unique services including expert advice, tailor-made referrals and actual physical clinic treatment.
If you have a skin or scalp challenge that requires a completely natural-science based approach within an holistic framework that takes a mind, body, spirit, approach then Daniel Field Clinic can be considered a pioneer in this particular approach. Call it natural dermatology or natural trichology if you like but the 'Nature Care Approach' is a very effective way to help solve most common skin and scalp challenges.

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