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Have you recently been diagnosed and are planning on trying scalp cooling?

If so, we can boost the protection scalp cooling provides against chemotherapy induced hair loss with our Scalp Cooling Booster System.  

Are you having scalp cooling right now and have developed more hair thinning on the parting area at the top of your head?

If so, we have an effective, inexpensive solution. We can help you camouflage unsightly hair loss patches with our Instant Restorer System.

Have you recently been diagnosed and are not planning on doing scalp cooling? 

We can help prevent chemotherapy induced, permanent alopecia and the other most common chemotherapy induced hair regrowth side effects with our Hair Regrowth System and Lash and Brow Growth Serum. 

Common chemotherapy induced hair deformities include:

Hair movement changes such as chemo curls.

Hair depigmentation changes such as premature greying.

Hair texture changes such as dryness and coarseness.

Strand density changes such as baby-fine, fluffy frizz.

Hair re-growth pattern changes such as patches.

Regrowth speed changes that can significantly slow down lash, brow and hair re-growth.

Have you completed chemotherapy and now wish to reverse chemotherapy induced hair regrowth deformities?

If so, we can help you achieve this quickly and economically with our Hair Regrowth System. 

Was your cancer hormone sensitive and are you on drugs to combat this? 

Hair thinning and androgenic alopecia are quite common side effects caused by long term use of the drug Tamoxifen and the 3 aromatase inhibitors, Anastrazole, Letrozole and Exemestane. 

We can help both prevent and reverse these side effects with our Hair Regrowth System.