Cancer Care Team 

For those going through the cancer journey, we provide a full service of specialist support services. 

  • Specialist Consultations by phone and in person

  • Specialist Hairdressing

  • Specialist Emotional Support

Specialist Hairdressing

Whatever regime you are on as long as you are having scalp cooling and using the products Daniel recommends throughout chemo, we find our clients certainly have enough hair for our team to continue providing hairdressing services throughout. Daniel's favorite wigmakers are called Raoul Wigs. Daniel used to send every new client there 'just in case' but as no one needed to come back to actually pick up their wig he was asked to stop automatically referring them! 


Hair Colour

Daniel provides special chemo-safe hair colour and lightening products enabling women to safely continue colouring their hair before, during and after chemotherapy treatment.

Retexturing Services

Daniel provides special retexturing services including cuticle realignment smoothing, curl relaxing and straightening. These can each be carried before, during and after chemotherapy.

Advice & Products for 

  • Hair Care & Colour

  • Scalp Care

  • Skin Care 

  • Hair Loss Prevention,

  • Healthy Hair Growth

  • Brow and Lash Care


Our Team

Daniel Field, Hair, Skin & Scalp Consultant

Daniel is the leading name in cancer hair, skin and scalp care with 30 years experience in this field alone.  


Daniel Field Clinic Telephone and In Person Consultations 

Headed my Daniel himself, we provide a combination of free and paid-for consultations.  

Ellie and Zack, Hairdressers 

Ellie is a top class hair colourist and technician highly experience in cancer related hairdressing.Zack is a top class hair stylist, highly experience in cutting and styling the hair of those on the cancer journey. 


Chemo Induced Hair Loss 
Even with scalp cooling, drug regimes often cause total hair loss and for some people, their hair regrows very strangely after chemotherapy. Patchy, slow regrowth, changes in natural colour, texture and movement.

With the added support of Daniel Field products every one of these issues could be prevented.

With Scalp Cooling

If you combine scalp cooling with Daniel's Scalp Cooling Booster System, you would expect to limit hair loss to a maximum of 10% of your hair per chemo cycle with the bulk of these losses evident on the crown area.  

The most common regime is EC-P – 3/4 x epirubicin and cyclophosphamide every 3 weeks followed by12 weeks paclitaxol (Taxol®) 

If you are also using Daniel Field's Hair Growth Active twice a day throughout, the hair starts to regrow back during the Paclitaxol, (Taxol®) cycles. 

Permanent hair loss from docetaxel (Taxotere®) occurs in 3.5% of cases but so far seems to be prevented if you combine scalp cooling with Daniel's Scalp Cooling Booster System and use Hair Growth Active throughout.

If you are just having Paclitaxol alone, (Taxol®) with scalp cooling and Daniel Field's Scalp Cooling Booster Systempeople tend to keep all their hair. throughout.

Hair can also become damaged from the extreme cold generated by scalp cooling. All hair damage can be prevented by combining scalp cooling and Daniel's Scalp Cooling Booster System.

Hair Loss Patches

Daniel also makes an Instant Restorer System which clients use very successfully to camouflage this crown area convincingly until it grows back.

Hair Loss and deformity with or without scalp cooling 

Apart from hair loss, chemotherapy can cause any number of hair growth abnormalities, in the short, medium and occasionally, long term. 

These abnormalities can effect;

the regrowth rate


strand density




natural hair colour pigmentation


Hair Deformity

Daniel Field Clinic can supply the correct products to prevent hair abnormalities from occurring.


Brows and Lashes

Chemotherapy and especially long-term cancer treatment can also affect brows and lashes. Daniel Field has a treatment that protects from long term loss and helps ensure quick, healthy re-growth. 


Permanent  Chemo Induced Alopecia 

Permanent hair loss from docetaxel (Taxotere®) occurs in 3.5% of cases and we have found this can be reversed to some extent with the use of Special Weekly Detox Treatment and Hair Growth Active

Hair Thinning from Hormone Blockers

After chemo, those with hormone-related cancers are often put on hormone blockers. This can cause hair thinning and to prevent this we can re commend

Hair Growth Active 

Daniel's Hair Growth Active seems to keep your hair growing faster throughout chemo and beyond. With this product's proper use, all lost hairs should regrow back more quickly and just as thick and healthily as before.

Skin and scalp side effects

Most chemo related skin and scalp side effects can be controlled with Daniel’s advice and his specialist skin and scalp products. Permanent causes of skin damage such as hyper pigmentation and chemically induced premature skin aging, can be prevented and often reversed with Daniel’s advice and specialist skin products.

For your reference.

Standard chemotherapy for breast cancer and hair loss

The most extreme hair loss is caused by these breast cancer drug regimes:

  • FEC – fluorouracil (5FU), epirubicin and cyclophosphamide

  • FEC-T – FEC followed by docetaxel (Taxotere®)

  • AC or EC – doxorubicin (Adriamycin®) and cyclophosphamide or epirubicin and cyclophosphamide

  • TC – docetaxel and cyclophosphamide

  • EC-T – epirubicin and cyclophosphamide followed by docetaxel (Taxotere®)

  • EC-P – epirubicin and cyclophosphamide followed by paclitaxol (Taxol®)

  • FEC-P – fluorouracil (5FU), epirubicin and cyclophosphamide followed by paclitaxol (Taxol®).Targeted


Targeted chemotherapy for breast cancer and hair loss

Bevacizumab- doesn’t cause hair loss on its own

Trastuzumab- no hair loss

Palbociclib- 15% hair loss and thinning 

Pertuzumab- more than 30% hair loss and thinning

Abemaciclib- hair loss and thinning 

Talazoparib- 25 % hair loss and thinning 

Neratinib- no hair loss 

Olaparib- no hair loss 

Ibociclib-hair loss and thinning 

T-DM1-no hair loss

Everolimus- mild hair thinning 

Marianne Spiteri-Emotional Support Coach 


Marianne Spiteri is the pioneer who created Reconnection Coaching, considered a benchmark of excellence for those on the cancer journey.  Reconnection Coaching combines advanced life coaching and other bespoke techniques to give her clients the tools to reduce anxiety and repair the sense of disconnection that often accompanies cancer.  Allow Marianne to guide, facilitate and accompany you on this journey.

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