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Suffering from Hair Colour Allergy/Sensitivity?
For a quarterly subscription of £125 we will look after all your hair colour product supply needs

Daniel and his team have a wealth of experience with skin and scalp allergies as well as chemical sensitivities related to hair and skin products. This is the only hair colour allergy service of its kind. If you are allergic to hair colour and there is a solution, Daniel will find it and he guarantees it! With 42 years experience in this field, his own hair colour allergy clinic and his own hair color allergy laboratory team. If you have developed a scalp sensitivity to hair colour you are not alone. Chemical hair colour sensitivity is quite common. 

Generally there are three distinct causes. 

Some people are sensitive to common allergens used in hair colour like fragrance, propylene glycol, gluten etc. 

Some people have particularly sensitive skin becoming easily irritated or even inflamed. This often results in increased hair loss. 

4.2% of people who colour their hair in the U.K. go on to becoming permanently sensitised to the PPD and related dyes commonly used in hair colour. 

Daniel Field runs the only laboratory/clinic in the world dedicated to solving colour sensitivity problems. Our laboratory creates and supplies bespoke, especially gentle yet highly effective permanent and demi-permanent hair colourants so you can continue having your hair coloured without concern. 

For a quarterly subscription of £125 we will look after your hair colour product supply needs. 

This subscription service includes 

all consultations by phone, 

all skin tests by post, 

all laboratory work, 

bespoke manufacture and ongoing product supply with free quarterly delivery in the U.K and Ireland. Add £15 outside these areas. No matter where you are in the world, we guarantee we can quickly and effectively solve your chemical hair colour challenge now and ongoing. 


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