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Thank you to our clients who have generously offered to share their stories.

To best learn what we do, you can read a few of these below:

“I am so delighted I was referred to Daniel Field. My hair has been so important to me on this journey. It has helped me so much that not only have I kept it all but that I have looked so well through these past 12 weeks. You don't feel like a cancer victim when you look so well people don't even know I have been under treatment nor have they needed to know or treat me differently. My fantastic hair outcome has been hugely important to my children's well being. I have a 10 year old daughter and twin boys aged 7. "I thought you were going to be bald Mummy”, my daughter said. “Mummy's the same,” one of the twins said. “She's not sick anymore" said the other. That was after ten weeks chemo. Dressed up and on a rare night out I have been able to feel like my normal self. A mum at school stopped me snd said how amazing my hair is at the moment. Did you change the colour or something? Dr Alison Jones said to me at my very last visit "I can see you haven't lost any hair Selena, your hair looks amazing!” 

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Selena Wells
Part 1

-Daniel Field Clinic Client

“My name is Linda Quint, 

I was diagnosed Dec 2016 with primary non-small cell lung cancer.  It is August 15th 2017 today.

Secondaries were also discovered in my brain and bones and I am considered terminally ill. At UCLH I am under Professor Lee.  I had chemotherapy and was fortunate not to lose my hair but it looked a terrible mess after just 2 months.

I didn't go to a salon as they told me never to colour my hair again. 

I researched about Daniel Field Clinics on the internet in seconds but Macmillan nurses said they didn't know anything about him?  Although I have told them every time I am there, they hadn’t seemed to want to pick up on it. 

In these last 6 months my hair has been totally transformed into lovely blonde, highlighted hair. Better conditioned, better coloured and better cut than I have ever had before in my entire life. 

I used his Hair Growth Active twice a day and my hair is now twice as thick in just six months, thicker than ever before! The most amazing thing is the price anyway is actually lower than I was paying down the road in a shabby salon off Kilburn High Road. £60 for roots every four weeks with top colourist there, Ellie. 

Linda Quint

Part 1

-Daniel Field Clinic Client

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“I have the BRACA gene and was diagnosed with incurable cancer back in 2015. I had my first chemotherapy treatment with Docetaxel.  I lost all my hair within 3-4 weeks even though I used the Paxman Scalp Cooling System. For me it was one of the hardest things to experience.  I felt it marked me out as a hopeless cancer victim, it severely damaged my confidence ongoing and I truly hated it! 

Two and a half years ago I heard about Daniel Field and his clinics. Since then I have constantly been on cancer medication and with each new drug I’m warned it will certainly result in either total baldness or severe hair thinning.   I have at times had a hairless body, no lashes nor brows yet the hair on my head has remained as if nothing has happened.  During most of this journey I have not only managed to keep all my hair but it has been incredibly thick, lustrous with amazing colors.  My hair has continued to grow like mad and I have to have it regularly cut and colored every 4 -6 weeks.

The only time I lost any hair was unrelated to cancer medications. In fact everything went very wrong for me back in July 2017.  I lost my amazing oncologist Prof. Justin Stebbing when he was suspended from practicing.  I then got Sepsis and I nearly died.  My hair started to fall out in handfuls from the acute shock. 

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Alison Dagul

Part 1

-Daniel Field Clinic Client