Pioneering Research in Cancer Hair and Skin Care. 


The Daniel Field Clinic is closely connected to the international product research organisation - Organic and Mineral Research. We work both directly with those on the cancer journey and those supporting people concerned about cancer in relation to their hairdressing, hair and skin care needs. We also work with leading experts, dermatologists, oncologists, the NHS, and with Scalp Cooling providers.

Our mission focus is on providing professional and public support-training with the groundbreaking products required.

Training public health providers and support staff

We train cancer care specialists in both the private and public health sectors. 

We train cancer care support staff in the voluntary sector.

Training Hair and Beauty Professionals

We train and fully equip Hair and Beauty salons to better look after clients concerned about cancer.

Becoming a Daniel Field Clinic Partner Salon

Many of your clients are concerned about the safety of the products you use in your salon and that they use at home, in relation to their health and well being. Many people are going through cancer treatments and need special hairdressing services and products.

We are a growing network based in established salons, both here in the U.K. and in the USA.

Daniel Field Clinic trains salons to better support the millions of people concerned about or facing cancer, for all their hairdressing, hair and skin care needs.

Are you a cancer patient based in the USA?

If you are based in the United States and need to get access to our products, please visit our U.S partners -