Coaching and Emotional Therapy

Our in-house and on-line coach is the emotional therapy expert, Marianne Spiteri.  Marianne is kept very busy with our client referrals, many of whom face mental, physical and even spiritual challenges along with their hair or skin issues.

Most of us are aware of only a small percentage of our thinking. The rest is unconscious thought processes and it is for this reason we rarely experience a life full of presence in a beautiful state. The past is a story and we all tend to automatically operate from past experiences, mostly habitual thinking which no longer serves us.

Marianne is herself on a journey of continuous self discovery, every day training her mind to become more and more conscious and ever-present. She continues to gain more and more tools, skills and techniques which she readily passes onto fully committed clients she coaches on a weekly basis. Marianne believes that we are all the CEO of our own life and her role is to simply provide the conducive space that enables the release of the innate wisdom we all carry within.

Our team in the clinic constantly witness our clients transform and grow from her coaching sessions in ways we couldn't have envisaged, marveling at the often profound transformative results.  Regardless of what fears used to dominate our clients, whether clearly serious such as those facing terminal cancer, OCD, habits and phobias, extreme anxiety, un-resourceful thoughts and other limiting beliefs, Marianne's coaching is proving to be the missing link in our holistic approach to the care we in the clinic provide our client's for their hair and skin challenges.  

Professional Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship, partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal professional potential. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance and enhance their quality of life. In each meeting, the client chooses the focus of conversation, while the coach listens and contributes observations and questions. This interaction creates clarity and moves the client into action. Coaching accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. Coaching concentrates on where clients are now and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future, recognising that results are a matter of the client’s intentions, choices and actions, supported by the coach’s efforts and application of the coaching process.                                                Call Marianne directly on 07939 066780

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