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Extra-ordinary safety plan 

I am presently only doing individual, private, appointments at the moment and just with myself present.

Our Oncologist consultant has advised me how to cater for their most vulnerable patients. I am now fully geared up, catering mostly for my most vulnerable clients. 


*One person here at any one time.


*I wash my hands in between each client. You must wash your hands upon arrival and leaving.


*I wear a high end face mask.


*Each person is asked to leave their coat and bags in the hallway to keep the area decontaminated.


*A freshly washed gown and towels are provided for each client. 


If you or I have already had the virus, working in this way, you could not catch it from me and neither would I from your, provided neither of us touched each others face, mouth or eyes with contaminated hands.


For my own safety all surfaces are cleared and cleaned in between each person’s visit. 


I clean the living working area to avoid my own personal contamination risk after you have all left.

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